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Pascale Labelle was born in 1969 in the district of Auteuil, in the city of Laval (QC) in Canada. Graduate of a visual presentation design technique, however, it is as a leader in the frenetic world of kitchens and catering that she will work. In 2009, practicing meditation, intuition suggests to Pascale to buy a brush, acrylic, a canvas and paint ... She will follow this call in all innocence ...


After a first failed attempt that she tries to make disappear, she sees emerge on a background become almost monochrome a face ... this discovery will transform her. Is born her artistic process, her Signature!

Surprised not of the result but of the relationship she discovers between her canvas and herself, she starts to paint every day and morning in her loft in Montreal despite a hectic work schedule.


In 2012, Ms. Tere Romero, director of the Gala Art Gallery in Montreal, is interested in the work of the artist through a mutual friend. The meeting between the two women is fantastic and they decide to exhibit three paintings in the window. A few days later, the first painting is sold. The next day afternoon, flipping burgers on the grill, Pascale will receive a call telling her that a second painting has just been sold ...

It is then, in an alley of the Plateau Mont-Royal, that Pascale will kneel arms in the air, cigarette in the mouth ...

The third will also be sold in a very short time and Tere Romero will ask the artist to produce 8 to 12 canvases for her first solo exhibition, '' La Résonnance d'Élizabeth '', which will take place the same year. Pascale comes out of the shadows!


In 2015, the second solo exhibition "Labelle ... presents Pascale" will be held at Carte Blanche Gallery in Montreal. In 2018, the third solo exhibition of the artist "my show ... my cathedral" will take place at the Art Center of the small church of Saint-Eustache. This experience has earned her, among other things, a mention of the current Minister of the Environment, Benoit Charrette, at the National Assembly of Quebec. Between these solo exhibitions, multiple group exhibitions, projects, artist meetings, and personal orders, Pascale has been able to live and share beautiful human and cultural experiences. Since this intuitive call in 2009, a hundred works later, there is still a canvas in progress in  Pascale's apartment, her studio, her home ... somewhere in Chomedey, Laval, QC.

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